July is Military Consumer Month

July is Military Consumer Month

To celebrate Military Consumer Month the Federal Trade Commission will be sharing information throughout July to help prevent fraud and scams.   No matter what stage of military life you are going through, the Federal Trade Commission has information and advice to help protect you and your family from fraud and scams. Visit their website www.ftc.gov to find out more.

One way you can stay up to date is by subscribing to email updates through Military Consumer at their website www.militaryconsumer.gov.

The Military Consumer website, “your tool for financial readiness”, has resources and articles for military personnel experiencing their first duty station, tips regarding borrowing, guidance on information security and more.  There are even tips to help learn about special benefits and options available to servicemembers regarding paying for school.

Click HERE to visit the “about us” page and find the long list of partners and resource links available.

Military Consumer is a joint initiative to empower active duty and retired servicemembers, military families, veterans, and civilians in the military community.

If you or your family serve or have served in the military, we are grateful for your service and dedication.

As TFCU’s Personal Financial Coach it is my goal to share resources and information with our members and community.  If you’d like to schedule a time to meet regarding your personal finances and learn more about creating a plan for your money, click on the link below.

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