Jump Up Debit Account

For Ages 11 - 17

Once your child turns 11, they can upgrade their account, which allows them to make purchases using a debit card! This account was specifically designed for today's teens, featuring a cool debit card design and user experience. Once they turn 18, they will graduate to a Regular Checking Account!

What Your Teens Will Get With a Jump Up Debit Account
  • Unlock a Jump Up Debit Account for spending at age 11
  • Online Banking
  • Money Management Tool
  • Parental Linking
    • Includes Transfer support and account overview
  • Debit Card Exclusively for Teens
    • Daily Spending Limit of $200
  • Can upgrade to Regular Checking Account once child is 18 years old

Watch this Video to Preview Your Teen's Future Online Banking Experience.
Teach Your Teens Financial Responsibility

To open a Jump Start Savers Account you need to make an appointment at a branch location.

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