Welcome to TFCU’s Personal Financial Coaching Blog

February 15, 2024

Hello, and welcome to TFCU’s Personal Financial Coaching blog! Check back regularly to see postings on helpful money tips, financial news items, fraud alerts, and more.

As a financial coach who has been helping people improve their relationship with money for over fifteen years, I know the benefit of sharing ideas and keeping up on the latest money news.

If you would like to meet and discuss ways to take control of your money or better understand your credit report and the reporting process. Schedule today! I provide personal financial coaching to help people understand where they are, set goals, and create a plan to achieve them.

Helping people is my passion!

“To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before.” ~ Stephen Covey

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Lisa Atkinson
Tucson Federal Credit Union | Personal Financial Coach

As a Personal Financial Coach, I do not provide legal or tax advice. Tucson Federal Credit Union does not guarantee this service will achieve any particular objective or outcome. For any legal advice, please seek the advice of an attorney or tax professional.