Fraud Alert! Beware of those urgent emails or text messages!

Have you received an urgent message or call regarding a charge on your Amazon account?


I have received multiple urgent emails and text messages regarding Amazon as well as other charges (such as Best Buy/Geek Squad).  I have also received text messages about credit card charges supposedly from banks that I DO NOT have cards with.

What’s the first thing I do when I see these?  If I do not even have an account with them, I delete!

If I do have an account with them, I check my credit card on my phone app.  And I can check my statement with the company, such as Amazon. My account review confirms these are scams!

The Federal Trade Commission has a great article on identifying Imposter Scams.

Check out the article HERE to learn more.

Another recommendation is to regularly review your free credit report for fraud, ID theft and inaccuracies.

If you’d like guidance with reviewing and understanding your credit report, I can help!

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Lisa Atkinson
TFCU | Personal Financial Coach

As a Personal Financial Coach, I do not provide legal or tax advice. Tucson Federal Credit Union does not guarantee that this service will achieve any particular objective or outcome. For any legal advice, please seek the advice of an attorney or tax professional.