Financial Education Sessions to Get You Started

Understanding all things financial is important if you want to improve your future. When you register for one of the financial education sessions, you can learn everything from how to get started with a checking account to matching your financial values, lifestyle, and goals to the best banking products.

Topics Covered in a Financial Education Session

Paying off Student Loans: learn important tips to help pay off student loans faster.

Rebuilding Finances after Domestic Abuse: learn strategies to improve financial independence after experiencing domestic abuse.

What You Need to Know to Help Aging Parents with Their Finances: learn how to objectively explore the financial strategies needed if a parent becomes incapacitated.

Ways to Get Paid: learn the different methods to receive income.

Opening an Account: learn about the value of a banking relationship and the importance of savings and checking accounts.

The Importance of a Banking Relationship: learn about the value of having a relationship with a bank or a credit union.

Understanding Values and Goals: learn how your values and goals impact your financial wellbeing.

Ways to Save Money: learn to identify seven specific savings strategies.

Insurance Products: learn how to use insurance products to protect your and your family from unplanned incidents.

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Social Security: tips specifically for women that they may not be aware of

Buying a Used Car: an overview of planning, researching, and purchasing a used car.

Credit Report Basics: how to pull a free credit report, what to look for, and why it matters.

The Debt Snowball: technique of organizing and paying down debt with the intention of becoming debt free.

Financial Planning Workshop: explore a health money mindset, how to create a budget, the value of savings, a basic understanding of a credit report, and the importance of long-term financial planning.

Planning for a Home Purchase: an overview of what to consider before purchasing a home. Budget, expenses, planning, prioritization, and family needs are considered.

Savings Account Types: an overview of the variety of savings options, including: basic, retirement, and investments. What to look for and questions to ask.

Ready to understand all things financial?

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