Improving Credit

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We'll Help You Manage Your Credit

Come by the Multicultural Empowerment Center and visit with financial education experts who will teach you how to change your credit history from bad to good. Learn to manage your credit instead of it managing you.

Improving Credit

Building Credit

Learn how to establish a credit history.

Credit Repair Checklist

Learn some tips about how to repair and improve a negative credit history.

Establishing credit in the US

Learn how to establish and successfully manage credit in the United States.

Identity Theft

Learn strategies to reduce the chances of being an identity theft victim.

Dealing with Creditors

Discover what to do, understanding the process, and best practices.

Debt Settlement vs Debt Payoff

Know what the difference is and how it affects credit.

Ready to improve your credit?

Are you interested in learning more about improving your credit? Call Robyn Austin at 520-322-7401 or Lisa Atkinson at 520-322-7429 or click the button below to schedule an appointment.