Employment Resources

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We'll Provide You with Employment Resources

Visit the Multicultural Empowerment Center and pick up excellent skills that will help you to land your next job with confidence. From building a stellar resume, to executing the perfect interview without stress, we have a plan that will help you.

Creating a Resume

laptop typing imageParticipants will learn how to create a resume.

Creating Your Cover Letter

Participants will learn how to create an employment cover letter.

Job Search Tips

Participants will learn tips to make the job search successful.

Employment References

Participants will learn how to create a list of employment references.

Elevator Speech

Participants will learn how to create an
effective elevator speech.

Ready to learn more about the employment resources we have to offer?

Are you interested in learning more about employment resources? Call Robyn Austin at 520-322-7401 or Lisa Atkinson at 520-322-7429 or click the button below to schedule an appointment.