Card Skimming

What You Need to Know


ATM Skimming:

Criminals have developed devices that they place over an ATM’s card reader that scans your account information when inserting your card into the ATM. Your credentials are then stored or transmitted wirelessly to a nearby device. These card reader overlays, called skimmers, can be undetectable. Skimmers are usually accompanied by a hidden camera or keypad overlay that records PIN numbers. To avoid being an ATM skimming victim:

  • Examine the ATM
    • Look for signs of alteration: scratches, loose parts, damage, adhesives, and tape
  • Scan the ATM for a hidden camera
  • Cover your PIN number with your other hand as you enter it
  • Keep track of your purchases and balances
  • Notify TFCU by calling (520) 795-8520 at the first sign of fraud


Gas Pump Skimming: 

Just like skimmers at ATMs, these devices scan your information when inserting your card into the gas pump’s card reader and are usually undetectable. Here’s how to avoid fraud at the gas pump:

  • Pay attention to the payment mechanism for any obvious signs of tampering
  • Look for a tamper evident sticker and if the sticker is broken, notify store personnel
  • If you notice suspicious activity near any gas station pumps, notify store personnel


If you believe you are a victim of card skimming, contact TFCU immediately at 520-795-8520.

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