Travel Tips

As we all know, global fraud is very prevalent in the use of cards. TFCU, as well as all card issuers, must take proactive steps to protect cardholders as much as possible against fraudulent use of their card(s).

To effectively manage fraud in the global arena, it is necessary to block specific countries where high levels of confirmed fraud occurs. The list of countries can be found here. TFCU realizes that these countries may be areas where our members plan to vacation or relocate for a period of time.

When planning a trip that includes any country on the list, please notify us of your specific travel information to those areas; such as the country/countries and date(s) for your stay. With this information, we are able to allow you to use your debit card during that window of time.

Other Important Travel Tips:
  • Memorize your PIN number. NEVER write it down or keep it in your wallet or purse.
  • Keep your cards and PIN secure.
  • Make sure TFCU has current phone numbers and email address information on your account in order to contact you if necessary. We may receive a security alert on your card and need to verify the transaction(s).
  • Inform TFCU of your travel plans, even when in the U. S., in the event we receive a security alert for transactions in those locations.
  • Check the expiration date on your card to make sure it does not expire while you are traveling.
  • Make sure you have another source of payment with you as a back-up in the event your card is lost/stolen, or blocked temporarily due to a security alert.
  • Contact TFCU immediately if your card is lost or stolen.

Keeping us informed and taking the above steps will help minimize or may prevent your card being blocked. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a 100% guarantee. Our goal is for you to enjoy your trip without the inconvenience of a blocked card.