Budgeting and Saving

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We'll Show You How to Spend Smart and Save

The Multicultural Empowerment Center’s Budgeting and Savings Strategies’ sessions will give you the knowledge to analyze your spending. Learn to cut down on your expenses and how to create a savings plan NOW.

Budgeting and Savings Strategies

Using the 50-30-20 Rule:

A budgeting strategy that uses three categories to keep track of your money.

Using the 70-20-10 Rule:

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A budgeting strategy that helps families separate their expenses into three easy-to-use categories.

How to calculate grocery costs:

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Learn to accurately calculate your monthly grocery bill.

The Benefits of Budgeting:

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Explore how to budget and its advantages.

Saving a Percentage:

Learn a savings strategy created by Duke University students.

Creating a SMART goal:

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Learn how to use the SMART goal technique.

How to Track Your Expenses:

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Learn to use a technique called “tracking” to understand how you spend your income.

Ready to Improve Your Budgeting and Saving Skills?

Are you interested in learning more about the budgeting and saving strategies specifically? Call Robyn Austin at 520-322-7401 or Lisa Atkinson at 520-322-7429 or click the button below to schedule an appointment.