Skip It! Terms and Conditions


Tucson Federal Credit Union’s Skip It! Loan Payment Program allows you to skip up to two loan payments each year. Use this form to enroll and/or to request to skip a payment. Our Skip It! Loan Payment Program can help you manage your finances for vacation expenses, back to school costs, or for the holidays.

TFCU will add a $30 enrollment fee to each enrolled loan suffix and will assess an annual fee of $30 on or about January 1st each year. The fee will be added to each loan suffix enrolled in the program. The fee is non-refundable.

Eligibility: Five consecutive loan payments have been made and request is 10 days before the due date to skip.

I understand that deferring a loan payment will result in an extension of the original loan term and that interest will continue to accrue at the rate disclosed in my original loan agreement. In order to skip a payment, I must make five consecutive loan payments between each payment skip and cannot skip two consecutive payments. I will continue to make my regular loan payments the month immediately following the skipped payment. This agreement will renew annually in January until the loan is either paid in full or removed from the Skip It! Program.

GAP and/or Warranty Coverage will not be extended beyond the original maturity date. Monthly premiums for Debt Protection will continue to be added to the loan during the month skipped. Real estate secured loans, share/certificate secured loans and credit cards are not eligible for Skip It! enrollment. Member must be current on all loans and carry a positive balance in all share accounts. TFCU reserves the right to cancel enrollment at any time for any reason. All Skip It! requests are subject to credit union approval. Certain restrictions may apply. Only two payment skips allowed each calendar year to include loan extension payment skips and the Skip It! program.

If there is an outside ACH transfer being made to the suffix from which my loan payment is automatically transferred, I authorize the cancellation of that transfer for the month that the skip applies and agree to resume the transfer the following month. Revoking this authorization for any changes to the existing request requires a request and signature, and must be received by TFCU at least three business days before the next scheduled transfer. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless TFCU for any loss, liability, or expense incurred from acting on the above instructions. I understand if I discover an unauthorized or erroneous ACH transaction, I will immediately report it to TFCU at (520) 795-8520 or (800) 303-8328.