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Hoping to purchase a house sometime soon?

Check out the tools and resources available at no charge on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website!

THIS LINK will take you to their home buying page, which includes information on mortgage closing scams, resource links, and downloadable help sheets. There is even a step-by-step guide called the Home Loan Toolkit.

Buying a home is a big decision. Understanding the process is essential, as there are many decisions to make.

The first step should be a budget! You decide how to set up a budget and determine the lifestyle you want in your new home. Move forward with a payment amount that you know you can afford.

Ready to start? If you’d like help creating that budget and some additional guidance on financial planning for a home purchase, I can help!
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Lisa Atkinson
TFCU | Personal Financial Coach

As a Personal Financial Coach, I do not provide legal or tax advice. Tucson Federal Credit Union does not guarantee that this service will achieve any particular objective or outcome. For any legal advice, please seek the advice of an attorney or tax professional.