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Do you have travel plans this summer?

Do you have travel plans this summer?

The FDIC has a great article on travel money safety tips!

View their article HERE to read up on a variety of vacation and travel related tips and suggestions.

For example, think twice about taking and wearing expensive jewelry. Even expensive-looking jewelry could tempt a robber or thief. Furthermore, be extra wary of busy airports or train stations. Even though this may be something we keep at the forefront of our minds, a reminder may motivate us to take extra steps to always keep valuables secure and in sight.

If you are traveling internationally, learn about foreign purchases, foreign currency, exchange rates, and fees. Read about how to best utilize your credit and debit cards, with a reminder to notify your financial institution when leaving the country. You should travel with two major credit cards along with your debit card.  

Before you leave, go through cards and documents, leaving all unnecessary items at home.

This consumer news article contains considerable information that all travelers should know.

Traveling is one of life’s greatest experiences. With planning and a few safety measures, we can help prevent a money-related travel issue and be prepared to deal with an unexpected situation.  

As a financial coach, I encourage everyone to plan—not just for money protection but also for money savings. When we plan our savings so we cash flow our vacation expenses, we can spend with confidence. Return from your travels with memories, photos, and that special t-shirt that reminds you of your adventures! Rather than coming home to pay off travel debt, return with plans to save and anticipate the next adventure!

If you want help creating a savings plan, let us talk!
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Lisa Atkinson
TFCU | Personal Financial Coach

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