Benefits Programs for Aging Americans

The cost of living is on the rise and affects all ages and generations, including our older generation.

Programs exist that may provide assistance to those who qualify.  The challenge for many is not being aware of these resources.  If you, or someone you know, may qualify for assistance, check out this article posted on the Social Security website CLICK HERE.

This post highlights three programs and provides a link to Benefits CheckUp CLICK HERE, which can help connect someone in need with other programs that may help them save money and provide assistance.

For those nearing the age for Social Security benefits, it’s time to check out to get in the know now. Learn about the process, get an estimate of benefits, and sign up when it’s time.

Regardless of age, everyone will benefit from a budget.  Create a money plan to make the most of what you’ve got.  If you want guidance getting started on the budget, I can help!

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Lisa Atkinson
TFCU | Personal Financial Coach

As a Personal Financial Coach, I do not provide legal or tax advice. Tucson Federal Credit Union does not guarantee that this service will achieve any particular objective or outcome. For any legal advice, please seek the advice of an attorney or tax professional.